MY DIY CNC milling machine - Gantry V1 soon ready.

MY DIY CNC milling machine - Gantry V1 soon ready. I have ordered the plate for the gaantry.

I`m going to use:
2 x 25mm Rexroth slides
a 6mm alu plate (the one in the image)
Two 45x45mm alu profiles
Two 90x45 mm alu profiles between the two 45x45 profiles to make it stiffer/stronger

2 two plates used in the Z-axis is 20mm alu

Gantry sides made by two 40x80 (strong alu profiles) + two 10mm alu plates.

Hope this is going to be ok.

I look forward to following this build. Always looking for deign inspiration.

Seems to work. Good chosen parts. Driven by screw or racks?

I plan to use 1610 ballscrew on X and Y (dual). 1605 on Z

Accurate assembly. But not cheap cause of screws and rexroth. Or are you going to sell this system?

No, it`s my first CNC project for personal use - image from a test setup

missing/deleted image from Google+

My electronics setup - some more work before it is ready

missing/deleted image from Google+

This one on the printer

missing/deleted image from Google+

But it`s an expensive hobby - would be great to have a sponsor :slight_smile: Looking forward to have a working CNC - then I can make my own parts…

Wow! Great! You have a lot of experience. Why don’t you think about start-up o.s.e a lot of people lost a lot of time to build their own CNC.

Ok. The same situation)

But you have good basics!

I find the design/build part interesting/fun - and I learn a lot while working on a project like this.

Something I did with my CNC is to reverse the rails on the Z. I mounted the linear bearing blocks on the saddle and the rails to the Z axis plate that the spindle attaches too. Move the bearing blocks down to be inline with Y Axis. This strengthens the plate that the spindle is attached to (because the linear rails are now backing it) and reduces the leverage on linear rails and bearings when it’s milling close to the table because they’re lower down.

@Oyvind_Amundsen CNC does not have to be expensive. People have made machines for pocket change. Of course the capabilities of cheap machines can be rather limited. What an additional investment usually buys is better performance. But designs need to be weighed against needs. You don’t need a machine capable of milling steel if all you plan on doing is routing wood.

Designed this for the Gantry yesterday - ready today :blush:missing/deleted image from Google+

@Paul_Frederick I plan to use mine routing plastic, wood and aluminum

Great when all goes as planned :blush:missing/deleted image from Google+

Rearmissing/deleted image from Google+

@Oyvind_Amundsen it looks to me like you are building a pretty heavy duty machine. I will be interested to see how it accelerates when it is running.