My current prusa i3 setup is using mdf pcb and glass.

(Step Cia) #1

My current prusa i3 setup is using mdf pcb and glass. I’m looking to upgrade this to aluminum. So far this is what I could find that looks pretty good

Anyone know other trusted source for aluminum heated bed upgrade?

(Adam Steinmark) #2

Sorry I don’t mean to spam but @Mark_Rehorst deserved more than a +1 for that comment.

(Øystein Krog) #3

Just buy an MK3 alu heatbed on aliexpress?

(Step Cia) #4

Good read. Thanks for the info @Mark_Rehorst ​ I spent hours last night trying to level the bed adjusting all 4 corner screws meticulously and it just felt impossible to me when I get correct head level end to end near the screw but then I move the head halfway thinking that linearly it should also be correct level. Well it’s not… The nozzle actually touch the glass. So I got this flexing problem that I could not figure out how to fix and I thought maybe aluminim bed was the solution …

Now I’ll try 3 point screw location and see it that solve the flexing issue. Thx

(The Hozza) #5

You thought about a silicone heat pad stuck onto a piece of aluminium?

(Step Cia) #6

Does mk3 alu heatbed suppose to have hole in the middle?

(The Hozza) #7

Yes it’s for the thermistor.

(Step Cia) #8

is that going to be an issue if I plan to print directly to the aluminum surface?