My BMG's should be arriving in a couple days.

My BMG’s should be arriving in a couple days. What size stepper have people been driving them with? I don’t know that they need as much torque as the cartesian axes steppers, but then again, it shouldn’t hurt anything Opinions?

The 25 or 22 mm sold by Bondtech is the usual. I personally went for the 25 mm version to be on the safe side.

I put the 25 on mine too. It’s still pretty small.

Thank you.

As someone who tested several motors for for Bondtech during Martin’s beta phase on the BMG… I will say not all motors on the open market are of equal torque and quality. I recommend sticking with the ones Bondtech supplies. They are matched to the holding torque of the gear teeth and of high quality. Any more than the suppled motors can over drive the teeth holding capacity… And any less will leave capacity on the table.

I like to be under. If the nozzle clogs or is too close the first layer I loose steps instead of blowing up couplings.

Guess I’ll put another order into bondtech then! :grin: