My big machine was working faster & harder than it ever has before tonight.

(George Allen) #1

My big machine was working faster & harder than it ever has before tonight. I had to stop it to give my x axis motor a break.

(George Allen) #2

I had to make a frame for the Monogram I made earlier today.missing/deleted image from Google+

(Kyle Kerr) #3

Is the monogram intentionally “pixelated”? If not, you might see if your CAM software accepts SVG files (no jaggies).

(George Allen) #4

@Kyle_Kerr It accepts dxf, but I haven’t been able to get it to work with my computer

(Kyle Kerr) #5

I should have known that. Did you mill a 2d image or was it actually 3d?

(George Allen) #6

@Kyle_Kerr it was a 2D image

(Kyle Kerr) #7

If you would like a smoother image next time, load your image in to inkscape, convert to paths, and then you can scale it and export as a dxf that your CAM software can hopefully read.

(Paul Frederick) #8

@George_Allen there’s a few different DXF file formats. Not everything imports every format. Or even if it does not every format is read equally. That’s something I’ve some to appreciate somewhat in my noodling about with CNC. So I’ll make files in one program, export it to DXF, then open that created DXF file in another program and save it again in DXF. Not making any changes the second time around I still get a totally different file. Which my CAM software treats differently too. I’m not going to claim I understand what’s going on with all of that. I’m just pointing out that’s what’s going on.

(Paul Shaw) #9

Yeah not sure what you are doing George but a lot of your work seems to have a rough finish. Are you running sharp tooling, good feeds and speeds? Is it just the wood you are using. I don’t know much about it but it looks like you are not getting great results.

(Britton Evans) #10

I’ll tell you one thing Mr. George it sure looks like you’re enjoying what you’re doing and that’s what counts.
Thank you for sharing!