My 3DP saved me from having to buy a $25 solution,

My 3DP saved me from having to buy a $25 solution, with that money i bought the roll. Made a bracket to hung a wireless wifi antenna outside

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Modded a wall mount from hingiverse to accommodate the tube to hang my Nanostation from the outside wall thus gaining some extra dBM

Simply Cool! concern though would be how resistant the plastic is to ultraviolet light degradation and being exposed to the elements! I know that some zip ties–mostly black color are rated for UV exposure and durability!..any ideas about the orange plastic???

It will degrade for sure

…some GOOD INFO!:

I just use a little bit of pvc and the supplied zipties.

@Patrick_McMicken ​ how do you adjust vertically?

I think you need to make that thicker or it may snap.

Don’t think it will snap. This devices are lightweight

It is not the weight that worrIes me. It is the wind.

…that does look a bit unsubstantial considering the possible “wind factor”!!!

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty ​ i leave one looser than the other.

Just add a safty wire to it, that catches it if it breaks. Then all of us can sleep well :wink:

I looked at this yesterday… Definitely add a safety cable.

@Jim_Christiansen ​, isnt that what the ethernet cord is for?

@Patrick_McMicken ​ I like the way you think

@Patrick_McMicken Haha!