My 3D Thing search engine now has over 3000 things you can search (by

My 3D Thing search engine now has over 3000 things you can search (by keyword tag and site - even date) .

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Thanks.

(Nearly forgot to put the link in - ooops.)

GrabCAD is going to love you.

I punch “Raspberry Pi” into your engine and I get 7 Thingiverse hits. Put the same search into Thingiverse, and I get 160 hits. Browser is Chromium on Ubuntu 12.04

@Pat_G well yes - I haven’t gone back through every thingiverse object. On the other hand you can see if the other sites also have items. It doesn’t run a search on their site and then report back, it keeps it’s own information.

@Mark_Burhop GrabCad generate about 20% more things than thingiverse so you’d expect them to be more prominent.

My comments are intended to be constructive - but honest.

I included browser information on the chance that the full search results weren’t returned because of a browser specific code problem. However, if in fact everything was working as planned. the 160 hits vs 7 result is going to create the perception that your engine doesn’t work.

What added value does your engine give? Are the results selected from the most popular for their key word or “curated” - sorry I hate that word - in some way? If there was some hook - say all results have been printed or fabricated successfully, you would be onto something.

It is a good start though and I look forward to seeing you you develop it.

@Pat_G It’s okay I wasn’t taking it personally.

No, there’s no chance of browse-specific exceptions. I am a very experienced contract web dev by trade - I have clue :slight_smile:

The number of successful fabs would be great but unless that information is available from the original site (and preferably all sites) it’s not something that can be done. Some sites have “likes” and “downloads”, but not all, so it becomes difficult to provide any sensible basis of comparison.

I am planning on extending the number of sites visited plus probably going back in time in which case your concern about the 7 vs 160 would most certainly be handled.

Just so you are aware, the Thing Tracker Network has a small list of metadata about things that you should be trying to capture:
The only thing that is noticeably missing is the license the things are available under.

Also, comparing the listing for Bike seat with seatpost from your site and the source ( your site has captured the tags “27-2, gaming, italia, saddle, Turbo, seat, post, bike, seatpost, bicycle”, but not the categories “Industrial design, Sport”.

Hi @Derrick_Oswald_curmu I have read up on your stuff. I like it. and it’d be great - but is anybody actually using it? :frowning: