My 3d Printing teacher is on meth;

My 3d Printing teacher is on meth; he wants us to make a stock car. (To scale) that, is engineered so the wheels can move freely. This is almost impossible because makerbots cant detail for its life. Anybody have some good ideas for how I can make the car move

Check the OpenRC F1 and Truggy for ideas.

I felt weirdly proud reading this. My high school alma mater bought 35 Makerbots (5th gens 2 weeks before the 6th gen release) and the service plan. They treat the printers as is they can print the impossible and that when they don’t work as expected they’re just broken tools that need to be replaced. I walked in there about a year after they had gotten them and nearly all of them had loose belts and most of their displayed prints around the room had small layer shifting.

@Ryan_Carlyle thx but ive only bee printing for months, that’s a little complicated with me A.D. skills

@The_Good_Barbarian did your teacher ban reuse of open source files? :slight_smile:

If you can’t use it as-is or recreate it, you can look and learn the principles and cobble together something simpler.

Don’t understand what the problem is. Just build in tolerances so that the wheels move freely. Done it with many parts before.

Print parts separately and then assemble them .

@Jeff_Ramble exactly what I was going to say.
It’s totally possible :grin:

Print the chassis in two parts and glue together, that way the bit that holds the axles in won’t be covered by support material

@bernd_slemmen @Jeff_Ramble thats what ill do

It is possible. Figure out with some test prints of rods and holes to what tolerances the printer can hold to and design around it.