My 3d printer suddently doesn't print circular object correctly can anyone help with it??

My 3d printer suddently doesn’t print circular object correctly can anyone help with it?? Every circular objects that i print seems like "oval" fyi my printer is XY configuration and i already retention the belt and still no hope

Did you calibrate axes? I have same problem at my Prusa i3 B. Calibrate X, Y, Z axes and filament extruder and also filament diameter. I also decrese X axes acceleration. After calibration my printer work prefect.

I think i have calibrate it properly using prusa calculator for steps/mm for the axes…

Did you measure relative movements? Ex move X axes 100mm and measure with caliper or rulelr is movement is exactly 100mm. My printer move 98.5mm for 100mm move command.

To fine tune it, print a calibration block an measure. That is the only way to dial it in.

Ohh okay that might be the problem… Thank you for the answers :slight_smile: @Sinisa_Durutovic ​ and @Keith_Applegarth

Should i do 20mm x 20mm x 20mm cube or a bigger one like 40 x 40 x 40??

On the picture I can see that extruder push too much filament. Calibrate extruder E. Also calibrate filament diameter before every print. I use micrometer screw to measure diameter. Diameter from different factory can ocsilate from 1.69mm to 1.83mm which is over 7%. This is very important to put valid diameter in slicer.

i can’t really see any tutorial on calibrating bowden extruder… any suggestion ??

Very simple. I separate step motor with extruder from nozle. Turn nozle hot on because some firmware have extruder block on cold head. Cut filamet at the end of gearbox. On menu set movement 50mm. Measure filament length with caliper. If the more than 50m goes out decrese valuse of Extruder multiplicator in printer menu. Repeat it several times when you got satisfied value. Remember most prusa firmvare can not remember new calibrated valiue from menu. I send these parameter with M203 comand before print. If you need a can send my config example

This is a great video of how to calibrate extruder.

I had same issue with it and found that 1 pulley was different than others not same amount of thoths why not check it .good luck

Loose belts, belt clamps not holding or mechanical drag on bearings???

Hola Ricardo! La forma circular se logra cuando el eje X y el eje Y, recorren la misma distancia, por lo tanto, alguno de los 2 esta mal regulado. tenes que entrar al firmware y ver los pasos que tiene asignados cada uno de los ejes y tienen que ser iguales. Para más datos busca los videos de Obijuan (62 videos) de como armar una prussa I2 y en los primeros videos explica como se hace. Suerte!!

New update i have re-calibrate my 3d printer but… Its still not good as i hope… As you can see the circle still not a circle :")

Ps: i’m indonesian and can only speak english thank you for your reply though @EL_TALLER_DE_NEURUS
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@EL_TALLER_DE_NEURUS ​ ahh i already google translate it and now understand what you are saying… I already go through the firmware and re calibrate the step/mm but it’s not the same because after printing 20 20 cube it not come out nicely

@przemyslaw_fira ​ i’m not sure if it has a different pulley since i only have these pair :") but thank you for your info :slight_smile:

@Scott_Lewis ​ i also thought it was a loose belt problem but after i retention it still a problem… Any suggestions?? I use corexy hypercube style x carriage
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Skipped steps?
Loose motor wire?
Bad X or Y steps/mm?
Bad tooth on the belt?
Wiggle on a part?
Was the printer moved lately?
Corexy specific problem?
I dunno. Just mentioning stuff to see if any of it sounds like a possibility.

+Nathaniel Stenzel​
1 no
2 also no
3 i just recalibrate the step/mm
4 i’ll check
5 what do you mean by that?
6 no i haven’t move it since i build it
7 i’m not sure
Anyway thank you for your idea

  1. Wiggle on a part? As in can you move a part easily as if it is not properly secured?