My 3D Print of LUXO from Pixar!

My 3D Print of LUXO from Pixar!



May I know which printer you used?

Sure, a Bukobot Green with a 1.75 QUBD extruder mod. Printed at 120% with 10% in-fill at .2mm layer height. Took about 5 hours with 4 prints. :smiley:

I want on of these, but I couldn’t get one of the parts to slice. Which version did you print?

I ran into that same issue but then I found this guy fixed the models and made a wire access hole for LEDs out of the top I believe.

Also, the wire access hole on the top of the lap gave me an issue where it tried to printed the shell in open space, and the fill layers (eventually) smoothed out everything. I do suggest at least three shells. Was surprised it only took 2 layers to get back to normal and you don’t see it at all from the outside. Maybe print the lamp upside down to avoid this.

Nice :slight_smile:

Very nice print


This is one of the best looking prints ive seen

Whoa! Just broke my 100th +1 to this pic. Thanks ya’ll!

What did you use to make this…hu?

Oops, didn’t see the hidden comments… ; )