My $20 donation worth: OPINION - this is a waste of space:

My $20 donation worth: OPINION - this is a waste of space:


Might it be possible to have the section with that collapsible?

I feel like it gets in the way also, but I am also of the opinion that it indeed does add a lot of value for explaining different operations visually.

Personally I like collapsible sections, so that I can open them when I need them.

Another option, that may improve the UI in that CAM tab, is rather than having just the operation settings section scrollable per operation (see image) it would be beneficial to have that entire tab be scrollable.

Or maybe just float that in the work area…

I see why the scrollbar was rejected. Makes sense, keeping all the elements onto the one screen vertically.

Could the grafics be placed in a flyout that pops up on mouse over the operation dropdown?

Yeah I like Claudio’s idea. Make it animated that would be sick.

The graphic is great. It would be better if it was animated but the real problem is like in any cad environment, real estate is at a premium. We already have a red callout box telling us “Must be > 0” why not just make the diagram graphics a callout like the other thing, like this:

I think the grafics are very helpfull to select the right operation and to reflect the params (especially when milling). I wouldn’t hide them away.
If the right grafics (top view) gets some measurements too, this would make the params even clearer.

I saw that there are already some mesurements on the right graphic, but there are some more that could be showed there. For example on “Laser Cut Inside” the spacing between the border and the laser center.
The right graphis could probably also show the tool (as a light filled circle).

I like @cprezzi 's idea to have the graphic in a flyout. As to your question +Peter van der Walt as to what is the real complaint, it’s more of a suggestion than a complaint, but it’s basically that the graphic takes up a significant portion of that CAM tab (~16.9%), meaning that the operations settings section at the bottom is limited to a smaller space (~32.7%). If the graphic could be in a flyout panel to the side like Claudio suggests (& @Kris_Backenstose 's example image shows) then the operations settings could have almost 50% of the vertical space (~49.6%).