MRI GDB trough ssh ?

I have smoothiware connected (via usb) to octoprint. I will can add another connection directly to a serial port (TX0/RX0) trough usb/uart adapter or directly from orangepi board, but, I don’t have all the dev tools on orangepi nor I really have room (or energy) to install them there. On the other hand, on LAN I have virtual machine running linux where smoothieware is regularly being compiled, so all the tools required are there, but, no serial port (nor any other), and even if I map some port to the physical host that machine is far away from the smoothieware so connection would be impractical. I, of course, need to debug smoothieware (for some reason it crashes if I run M375 few times, nothing in console, octoprint just disconnects from uart and won’t reconnect till i powercycle the smoothieware) so pinging for ideas … generally - is there a way I can make a tunnel from centos to armbian and connect from vm to remote armbian serial port via ssh ?

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