Moved to Pla from Abs. Benchy has some problems.

(Kamesh M Sundaram) #1

Moved to Pla from Abs. Benchy has some problems. Left most is with 45mm/s extrusion rate, 200°c and no significant part cooling other than a ceiling fan. Fully printed Benchy is with 60mm/s rate. How to remove the bulges? Please suggest. Thanks

(Tim Sailer) #2

Looks like overextrusion and maybe not enough retraction. You may be running too hot, too, so turn on your cooling fan. Start with 50%…

(Kamesh M Sundaram) #3

@Tim_Sailer Thanks for the reply. 50% of what, please ? By the way my calibration cube came out awesome. Will post picture.

(Tim Sailer) #4

50% fan.

(Henner Zeller) #5

with PLA, you absolutely need part cooling.

(Kamesh M Sundaram) #6

Couldn’t find a fan mount in Thingiverse that would attach to this extruder. Have to design one I guess.

(ThantiK) #7

This is definitely overextrusion. You can see on the little minion print that you’re getting filament pileup on the edges of the borders. I’d check the diameter of your filament, make sure it’s 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 or whatever - and correctly enter that into your slicer. If that doesn’t help, dial back the extrusion multiplier down to 90% and reprint. What’s happening is that your filament is squishing out the sides and pushing past the natural border of your part.

(Kamesh M Sundaram) #8

@ThantiK Thank you so much. I will definitely check it out today.

(André Frazatto) #9

Since you are coming from ABS, maybe I can help cause I had all the same problems :smiley:

First, you need fans, it’s a must with PLA.
Next, the extrusion is too fast. Your printer maybe calibrated but PLA is much easier to extrude, so change the speed on the firmware.
Last but not list, you need to make a termal calibration. Download some C shapes on Thingverse and follow the instructions.

This steps should pit you on track.

(Kamesh M Sundaram) #10

Update. Changed multiplier to 75% and benchy behaved well until I noticed the side that was not actively cooled was getting blobs. So went ahead and printed the fan attachment. Hopefully it will be better now. Thanks all. Will update again later

(Jeff Parish) #11

@Kamesh_M_Sundaram These are the thermal calibration clips to eliminate under or over extrusion that @Andre_Frazatto was mentioning.

(Kamesh M Sundaram) #12

@Jeff_Parish Yes. I will do it today