Motor setup for Laser Bed Elevator .... NEMA 17

I have a NEMA 17 motor to drive a belt, gears, etc to raise/lower an elevator for my K40. I would like to keep the wiring as simple is possible, i.e., no controller board. What I would “like” to do is use a DPDT momentary switch to raise / lower the bed. I would like to directly wire the NEMA 17 to a power supply (optimal voltage ?) .
Since it is all “manual”, is it possible to wire the 17 this way? I do understand how to wire in a limit switches, it’s just the motor/power supply that bugs me. Crude sketches always welcomed!!! I do have this if it has to be used:

Thank you very much.

You’ll notice that you need to control 4 different windings in sequence to manually control a stepper motor.

Why don’t you use a geared DC motor instead. It can operate with controlling of just one wire pair.

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To use the stepper you will need some sort of controller, the only way to avoid that is, as @dougl says with a dc motor.

It doesn’t have to be a microprocessor based controller, if you add a second endstop switch it can be done with a transistor circuit and a dpdt up/down toggle

The stepper motor with belt is suitable for long-distance transmission, and the gear structure is compact. Gears are good for large torques, belts are good for small torques.

Could you point me in the right direction for a DC geared motor ? Would like to find something with about the same footprint as a NEMA 17.
Thank You.

Not the same as a Nema footprint but will give you some choices & ideas.

Some ideas;

My lifts first controller. Stepper + Light object controller