More videos from my vase ( ) print.

More videos from my vase ( print. I was printing 100mm/s and whole printer was shaking quite a lot. What do you suggest? Should I put more weight?

Yes, more weight will help. Another Thing: Your bowden tube is too Longs, in my opinion

@Maxim_Melcher It as long as needed to reach opposite corner, but I need a better solution for bowden support to stay vertical. cable chain or bigger and more stiff tube.

Great videos! So the BigQR1000 - is that 1 meter squared in X and Y? that is really big. What kind of string do you use- it’s amazing that string can be used instead of a belt. Is the bed heated? That must be a large heating pad if true.

@Ted_Huntington The bed is not heated it would consume too much power. I use large mirror and kapton foil with uhu glue stick.

@Karel_Cernohorsky oh ok! If there is no need for a heater why bother- it costs much less then!