more sent :) But I can't do this alone,

more #palletfund sent :slight_smile: But I can’t do this alone, any one want to help with donations?

Yes me. +Peter van der Walt​ what other hashtag is needed :slight_smile: #palletfund seems to be taken lol

It is just my way of helping with my dodgy health issues, can’t donate too much time, but pallets I can :slight_smile:

@cprezzi ​ where you PayPal to send you some #redbullfund we need LW4 comms :slight_smile:

#redbullfund sent. Hope you dont get a sugar rush @cprezzi

Thank you guys. And +Peter van der Walt​ I checked the hint with #redbullfund :wink:

I’m not so far from publishing the comms interface for LW4.

At least you was right, Beer is not mine. Either Redbull is. Let’s call it my #makersfund :wink:

#Makersfund done

Thank you guys, I appreciate your donations alot!