More results from 3D Systems ' glorious new 3D scanner! Is it just me

More results from @3D_Systems ’ glorious new 3D scanner! Is it just me or does a Kinect give way better scan results and run cheaper even when purchased with the pro version of @ReconstructMe ?

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@Limor_Fried & @phillip_torrone get 3D scanned by @3D_Systems new 3d scanner! at @Engadget expand! thanks @Keith_Ozar

I’m pretty sure it’s just a vanilla Kinect sensor in there. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on a Kinect 2.0

@Shachar_Weis you might be onto something there. A quick mashup, likely not to scale (but probably pretty close)

It’s a Primesense sensor (the same one used by the Kinect and Xtion) with a handle on it and bundled with Geomagic software (not familiar with it myself, but @Anderson_Ta says it’s the best).

Oh, and barring huge and obvious errors, you can’t tell much about the quality of a 3d scan until the texture mapping is removed, especially from a couple of stills.

You can already use a kinect or xtion with free software to get similar quality scans, with free software such as Faro Scenect

Does this require the complete XBox or just the scanner alone?

You don’t need the Xbox for scanning, just the sensor that is in the Kinect (and also in the Xtion, the Primesense, and now this thing).

Ah thanks.

The scanner likely contains the exact same PrimeSense device as the previous generation of Kinect, with a handle. If the scanner had been wireless this would be kind of interesting.

Yeah, if it’s anything I remember from having access to a license of Geomagic, even if its a watered down version, it should be really good software. And in playing with the latest Primesense hardware/software combo, it’s promising. We won’t really know until we get our hands on one though. Just all assumptions based on what I can find out.

I got one, and will be posting about it when it comes.