More Light :-) The work for so far: and and Note:

More Light :slight_smile:

The work for so far:

Note: I’m learning Go as I go.

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@Michael_Jacobsen I have Mosquitto running successfully on my Windows 8 workstation (and a NodeMCU is publishing to it successfully) and I am connected to the SPJS exe build from your github. How do I tell it the information about the broker?

I introduced a configuration file. I’ve called it ‘spjs.conf’. In there you specify the name/ip-address of the MQTT server. Then start SPJS like this: serial-port-son-server -config pjs.conf -v

Curious: did it just work by doing the ‘go get…’ / ‘go build’ commands?

Just go get, and the exe showed up. But otherwise, go build would be the one you want, yes.

I have it running per your instructions, the MQTT port shows up in serial port widget, good.
Now, what command do I use (in serial port widget console?) to do a publish.
Do I have to use that really long string with the fabric/guid/ all the other parameters as the topic if I want it to see a message? Can I tell it to subscribe to s different topic with a much simpler name?

Just ‘connect’ to the MQTT port and send something :slight_smile: For now, use the ‘default’ buffer type.

The topic-structure is what I use … you’ll have to modify the go-code to change it.