More drama over the printed gun. 

More drama over the printed gun.

So much for never taking down an object no matter what.

For those interested. there is a bit of info here. ITAR is serious stuff. if it is classified as ITAR restricted. the idea of DefDist is in a world of hurt (ideology wise)

It’s all still available via the good ol’ PirateBay.

yeah, but if you are contributing, and you are violating ITAR it would not be fun. ITAR is one of those things that are serious business. I honestly hope that this kills the hype in the government before they start looking at 3d printing regulations (if the sum and total of this project is regulations on 3d printing, I will be pissed.) This reminds me of the jailbreak on PS3 before the removal of 3rd party software, hacker says it is not possible to patch this, governing body (sony in that case) patches it and pisses off the honest people.

This is such overblown bs. A dose of reality… … the problem here is bullets. Not 3d printing, not guns, not people with lathes who could make a gun that wont eventually blow up in your face and mame you. The problem they are worried about is bullets. They can be fired with two rocks , a hammer, probably just by throwing them at the ground enough times. So if they want to screw with someone screw with bullet makers. Buying a 1500$ 3d printer to print a gun is completely insane. Guns sell on the street for 50$. Be thankful some would be killer is dumb enough to go this route. Not only would 3d printer purchases show up in records unlike throw away guns that actually work and dont risk your life. But my guess is 60% of people couldnt calibrate it well enough to print the thing anyway.

@Addidis_no , it’s super easy to make bullets.

Right, I never said the problem can be solved, Just that screwing with 3d printers will do nothing but motivate people who could care less about guns to do what they are told not to. :smiley:

I know that this is pretty different, but locking down the firmware on the PS3 didn’t stop people from pirating games, but sony did it anyway.

All it takes is 1 crafty lobbyist with good connections and the media hype that is already there for a really stupid bill to get passed out of fear… As much a I don’t care about the actual 3d printed gun. I think this is potentially really harmful to the community as a whole. The attitude of “this cant be regulated” is what bothers me. It can. Any thing can be regulated, it is just a matter of how many people you are willing to piss off. In this fight, regulating 3d printers would cause less of an uproar than regulating guns in the US.

Soon we will all be seen as potential terrorists. Oh well, whatever. If it makes that dude famous for 15 minutes, I guess it was worth it. #sarcasm