More advice needed! I am checking on the Z for the banding Eric Lien

More advice needed! I am checking on the Z for the banding @Eclsnowman mentioned. I think my belts are tight, but this print is terrible. Also reviewing a common printing problem page that @Dennis_P sent me. I think I also should have printed this on its side, but it printed from the back bottom up into the air. Lots to learn about the slicing.

Looks like over-extruding to me. Check your step/mm for the extruder.

Can I get a video of printing this part? Zoomed in. And long enough for several layers of printing to be visible. There is a lot wrong in this picture. So seeing what is happening will give me a good idea of where you should start.

Also yes, you printed this in the wrong orientation.

Also, is this still with the 1.2mm nozzle. If so I really recommend starting with a 0.4mm to 0.6mm to cut your teeth. Then upgrade to larger nozzles once you get comfortable.

You jumped in head first with a HercuLien, printing in ABS, and a 1.2mm nozzle as your first printer. Which I totally admire your determination. But I think a Crawl, Walk, Run approach will work better. Get in some wins… Then expand.

@Eclsnowman This is with the .6mm nozzle. I did not get a video on this print. I will take a step back and load some PLA. I will alsol ay this on it’s side. I thought after my prior work with the cube I had everything but the z axis leveling good.

@Eclsnowman Here is the same model, flipped on it’s side, and I changed the cura settings to draft quality. Much improved, but still some work needed.

@Eclsnowman and @Dennis_P Your advice is paying off, take a look at this print:

Keep it up. Thats what you are looking for. Daily progression, little by little. Printing is more about learning all the ways not to do something… Until the only thing left is the way that works :slight_smile: