Monoprice's new printers. Sadly the DLP seems to be a nanobox clone.

Monoprice’s new printers.

Sadly the DLP seems to be a nanobox clone. Unless it proves way more reliable, not very promising.

Their previous printers have just been rebadged models from other OEMs. So it’s very possibly an actual nanobox. I don’t immediately recognize the others.

At those prices, they’re probably worth buying just to scrap for parts… I kind of suspect Monoprice is selling printer hardware as a loss leader. I’ve bought rebadged FlashForge OEM parts from them for idiotically low prices in the past.

For $200 is buy that printer just to put on my desk.

Eh, their Prusa I3 clone has gotten good reviews and with a few minor tweaks can be made even better. That $200 looks very well built. Could be total crap, but it at least looks solid compared to say the Makibox fiasco.

Shane told me in the suite the CNC mill (it’s really a router) was going to be more like $1200 rather than the $1000 in the presser. For that price you can get an OX kit or enough parts for an OX. The Monoprice unit is assembled and ready to go but if you are savvy enough to use a CNC router and CAM, etc it’s likely you have the chops to assemble an OX.