Model badly stick with the bed

I have Clearity CR6 SE printer after printing completed and getting everything cool down to room temperature still my model is badly stick with the glass bed that its really hard to pick it up. I also tried with hot bed still its badly sticked.

What kind of plastic are you using?

Are you using any form of release agent?

I’m using PLA, I’m not using any kind of agent, though i cleaned it with 90% alcohol

Plastic can stick very strongly to glass, though PETG sticks even stronger than PLA in my experience (I’ve pulled chunks of glass out with PETG). Unscented hairspray is a common release agent; many have the experience that it sticks well enough for the print to stay stuck, but not so much that you can’t get it free after the print bed cools.

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you might try freezing it and if that doesn’t work try putting it in the oven and warming it a bit.

You could also try raising your Z further off the bed. If it is too close for the first layer, that will affect bed adhesion.

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Is there any accessory available like flexible metal bed is used for Prusa, I need it for Clearity CR6 SE

I have bought I think seven PEI-costs spring steel sheets from Energetic:

#notsponsored I’ve just been happy with their service. No upcharge for custom sizes, prompt shipping, good protective packaging. Answered questions quickly on their AliExpress store.


Yeah, I would spend the dough for the PEI plates. I have never had much luck with glass either. For the longes time I was using the cheapest build plates I could find on Amazon, like 5 adhesive plates for fifteen bucks. They worked great for PLA, Until I bought a PEI mag plate, That was it, I was hooked like a Bass.

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