Mockup of USB handwheel:

Mockup of USB handwheel:

  • Arduino Leonardo inside (with at least 14 I/O pins)
  • 2 pins for pulser
  • 3 pins for axis selector switch
  • 3 pins for movement multiplier
  • 4 pins for membran switches
  • 1 pin for emergency stop and
  • 1 pin for overall enable (must be pressed for any manual movement)

Can LaserWeb handle all these “keyboard” inputs?

If yes, which keycodes have to be assigned?

A emergency button over USB is useless. Yes / No?

Emergency over USB? I say never!
The “overall enable” should be managed internal in the handwheel. So you can save one pin.

Mm. This idea has got me thinking now. Maybe even use esp8266 and have a wireless one :grin:

If you want save some pins you can go for i2c multiplexers. About keys… there’s a lot of combo possible with ctrl, alt, etc

Is there a list anywhere of all the laserweb4 shortcut keys?

It’s in the code, but don’t worry, if done and keys are missing I will add them.

A real emergency button should not depend on software, but you could provide the leads of the button to be used for a real estop.

The question is, if all the other buttons should just generate keycodes for the LW4 frontend or better be fed directly to the server?
Most of the buttons will have to send commands to the machine anyways, so probably it makes more sense to connect the controller to the server, but then, what to do with the play button? The gcode resides on the frontend (or better just one of the connected frontends).

@cprezzi I think I’ll connect the controller to LaserWeb.

@enhydra Which part of LaserWeb? Frontend or Server?

@cprezzi I want to replace the gamepad. :slight_smile:

Ok then, nothing to do for me :wink:

I’ve tried l looking through the code but I’m not really a programmer any more so I can’t find a list of the keyboard shortcuts. I presume that most of the functions do have existing shortcuts such as alt+right to jog x to the right - are there shortcuts for the jog size etc?

Jog stepsize has no keybindings yet. I suppose will go like ctrl+alt+1,2,3,4

Ok, so I built this (red) control panel with a USB gamepad kit from ( I have been using it with “Keysticks” and UGS. I engraved and cut a piece of 1/4" acrylic to make the box.

I works pretty well. I have the 4 way joystick doing the X and Y. I have two buttons for Z up and down. two buttons for + and - on the jog scale. cycles through .01mm, 1mm, 10mm, and 100mm. The other buttons I have set to “Go To Zero”, “Set Zero”, “Reset”, “Unlock”, a couple of macros. “Home” and “Probe Z”. Then I have “Pause”, “Send”, “Abort”.

I am having a lot of problems with UGS because of file size and some other annoying things. I would love to adapt my rig to work with Laserweb4 but I don’t know keyboard mappings. I see a lot of replies here saying they are in the code. Where? I’m not a coder. I have looked all through the files and can’t seem to find anything. Help?

Oh. If I were re-doing this. I would not use the joystick. Just separate buttons for X and Y +/-.

The “jog wheel” could be dangerous since the machine doesn’t keep up with each pulse, so it is easy to send to many commands at once. You then way over run. It is much better to limit button pulse to one movement. .1, 1, 10, 100, scale. You don’t even want to enable repeat. Luckily I have a belt driven system so it only slips the belt. A screw drive could do damage.

I ordered this: and then I will add some membran buttons. :slight_smile:

@enhydra You will really want a .1 step too. 1mm only gets you close.

@Jorge_Robles @Jorge_Robles On the keymap for jog size, I would like something more like ctrl-alt-"+" and ctrl-alt-"-" That should increment the scale up and down through .1, 1, 10, 100. I know this is not UGS, but that is the way it is handled there. They give us the ability to keymap just about every command. Works really well with a usb gamepad and “Keysticks”.

Is there a Z axis keymaping?

@Ken_Campbell I’ll replace the aluminum frontplate and go for 0.1, 1 and 10. :slight_smile:

Definitely. 100 per pulse would be insane.