MoBeam Build Update #2

In spite of enduring the second hip replacement in one year I managed to get some work done on MoBeam. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Two changes:

  • New head mounting with optical shielding. Compatible with G8 & G2 lens focal lengths
  • Alternate to honeycomb bed

I redesigned the head mounting and added optical shielding.



Alternate to honeycomb bed

I found out that my honeycomb is not very flat so I looked for an cheap alternative.

Turns out 3/4 angle aluminum was exactly the right height when laid on the adjustable focal frame with its edge up.

So now the adjustable focal frame can have a solid material (engraving) or these movable struts for cutting. I probably will anodize all the Al parts black.

More detail in these posts: