Mks dlc32 board, can laserweb generate gcode for this board?

hi and thank you if you read this.
will laserweb generate gcode for the ms dlc32 board and if so, how do i set uo the gcode in laserweb?

No interest? And in hind sight it’s a kinda dumb question to ask.

not dumb but poorly written. Let me explain, the MKS DLC32 is just an assembly of components with a controller chip on it and it does nothing without some software installed onto it. That software is often called the board’s “firmware”. That software/firmware can be anything but in order to work with LaserWeb it needs to be one of the supported firmwares.

And from the looks of it those all accept GCode, ie they will consume a GCode stream and send commands to motors/etc to do what the GCode is commanding. That is, if the firmware is setup correctly for the machine and board.

So maybe a better question you could ask would be how to I know what firmware is on my MKS DLC32 board? I also see lots of spelling errors in your post which makes it difficult to understand your question so if you spend some time formulating your question, others might be compelled to spend the time answering. Hopefullly this was helpful if not informative.

Very true! Thanks