MKS DLC v2.0 CNC 3018 PRO setup for plotter

I’m new to this forum as getting started to CNC/3D Print and Laser plotter world.
I bought my first Laser plotter frame and Stepper motor controller board MKS DLC v2.0 CNC 3018 PRO.

I want to start with Pen plotter project as it looks simplest to me, I’m planning to use servo motor to move pen for writing/idle position and i was very happy to see MKS board has a point for servo motor.

I do not understand where to start as biggest challenge I’m facing is:
My MKS DLC board by default have 3D printing firmware how can i upgrade new firmware so that it can help me to use it as pen plotter using servo motor to control pen position and 2 stepper motors for X, Y position.

The MKS DLC v2.0 is basically an Arduino with hardware built in for CNC. You can use the Arduino environment to write grbl firmware to it. I haven’t tried to set up a servo on mine, though; it is controlling a router and doesn’t use the servo port.

Have you seen this?

This is the official MakerBase resource which says that it’s meant to work with plain grbl without modifications, so it’s possible that the instructable above will work with it.

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After following those link, what i understand is that there is no readily available version to print through pen, i have to tweak code to make it possible,

BTW is there some other framework available that i can use with arduino for pen plotter.