Mirroring Z motor into free extruder driver

i’m planing to swap from ramps to better board.

I have cartesian printer with heavy Z,
I’m using two seperate drivers to power two Z motors.
In repetier i’m using mirroring Z signals to extruder 1 stepstick

Is this possible in smoothieware ?

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I ran my stepper motors in parallel and upped the current to 2A. My stepper motors are rated for
1.68 each, but there’s not much load so providing 1A hasn’t caused any performance problems.

I do intend to make a break out board that will run the motors in serial which will reduce the current to 1.5A.

I was concerned about my Z axis being too heavy for one motor split two ways so I also used two drivers (Z and E1). Smoothieware the software I don’t think has an option to mirror the stepping but smoothieboard the hardware has headers for linking the two. There’s a pin header at each driver, just jumper step/dir/enable from your master to your slave and it will mirror the master. You can set the motor currents independently if needed.

Parallel is not option.
Tried it and 8825 can’t handle two steppers.

My printer has quite heavy Z.
Almost everything cut from PA6.

I’ve got ramps. But i don’t like it. For me is not smooth.

Was thinking about getting smoothie.

So there isn’t possible mirror signals to E1 ?

I like that option in repetier. I’ve just set mirroring to E1 and thats all.
Just connect second stepper to E1.

So if this will be possible - i will take smoothie.

Is this what you are looking for : http://smoothieware.org/3d-printer-guide#toc27 ?

yep, thats it :slight_smile:

so i will need only connect right goldpins on board and make changes in config file.