Mini Gnome chess piece test

(Yomi Colledge) #1

Mini Gnome chess piece test

(ThantiK) #2

Major overextrusion going on here.

(Shachar Weis) #3

Or extruding too hot.

(Thomas Sanladerer) #4

Or not cooling well enough.

(Yomi Colledge) #5

I had it at 185 and the fan wasn’t on at the start. I was playing around with the temperature :).

(ThantiK) #6

Based on previous posts, it looks like maybe the nozzle size isn’t properly set? It’s obviously overextrusion, and even with that, a lot of his previous prints have gaps in between the perimeters. To me it looks like a 0.4mm nozzle set for 0.5mm.

It doesn’t look like temp or cooling either, because of the layer flopping over the edges on nearly vertical edges.

(Yomi Colledge) #7

@ThantiK it’s an 0.5 nozzle but the firmware is still setup for my old 0.35.

I haven’t got around to updating the firmware yet.