Milling double-sided PCB board

I milled out a double-sided PCB board last week using the amazing features in ChiliPeppr from that allow you to easily flip your board over.

I did find, though, that on the flip the Y was aligned perfectly but the X was off by a couple mm. I still haven’t quite figured out what happened. I was able to re-align visually and proceed with a successful board.

+Ameen, if you’re over on this thread. Do you have ideas?

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Hi nice post. To tag someone in a post use the @ symbol instead of the +. @ameen.nihad

I never had such issue when filping the board on any axis, maybe if you share photos or screenshots I can figure our what went wrong.
The widget rely on dimensions layer and milling layer in Eagle to flip the board, if there is something odd in one of these layer, the flipped board might be off.

I had that problem, which I concluded was due to less than perfect perpendicularity between my X and Y axises. I realized that my machine could not be easily aligned to perfection, so I did the next best thing: I wrote an excel spreadsheet that accepts GCode in one column, calculates necessary X adjustments based on the Y-dimension (the further from zero, the greater the error, although the angle remains constant), and puts the complete adjusted code in another column. It works great. Although I can write Java Code, and believe I can figure out javascript, I have not figured out how to fork an adjustment widget – I wish I could find a tutorial on that somewhere.