Milling bits: From OK to GOOD

Initially postet @ MaslowCNC Forum :wink:

Shortly after I jumped into CNC machining I ordered some single flute mills from Aliexpress (the 5mm one on the left [1]). I’m still happy with the quality of the cuts I can get with them. :slight_smile:

Some weeks ago I ordered the two roughing mills on the right (6 and 4mm with three flutes). I started with 6mm bit [2] and got nice results and less noise during the cutting process. It struggles a bit while diving straight into the wood (ramp plunge would definitely help).

Today I took the 4mm one [3]. I was impressed how easy it cut through the material and diving did not seem to be a problem. :slight_smile:


  • Material: Birch plywood 15mm
  • Mill: dia 4mm; 3 flutes
  • Spindle Speed 12000 RPM
  • Pass depth: 4mm (4 cycles to cut trough the sheet)

[1] 5 stücke Schaft 5mm Hohe Qualität Hartmetall CNC Fräser Eine Einzelne Flöte Schaftfräser Werkzeug 5*25mm|mill tools|single flutecnc router bits - AliExpress
[2 & 3] WeiTol freies verschiffen TCT drei flöten gerade bit 6mm ende mühle holz schneiden werkzeuge gerade router bits für feste holz|bits 6mm|straight router bitstraight bit - AliExpress


That cut looks nice.
Is this the same tool as the 4mm you used [global aliexpress site] ???

Yes, it is. :slight_smile: Mine was not that long. I think it was a “4-22”.


I tried to order some of these bits through aliexpress, but ran into the relatively common problem of them closing my order without explanation, twice. So I gave up. :frowning:

I was looking forward to trying them out…

Not good. I just ordered some bits and I’m curious whether I’ll get them or not.

Aliexpress is pretty opaque with why orders are closed. But they closed within minutes. I expect I’ll try again at some point. I searched ebay looking for someone who had imported them to the US and was reselling, but didn’t find any.