Might be time for an upgrade already! Ive had my little 40W unit for

Might be time for an upgrade already! Ive had my little 40W unit for a very short time but already see the utility in it. I have been making gaskets for GT40 Transaxles that are no longer available. (link below).
One thing I quickly determined is that my cutting area is not big enough. That cant be fixed on this model, Im stuck with that size. Other things I want are air assist, red dot laser assist, ethernet abilities (the usb link is getting old) and a honeycomb table as well as a rotary attachment… Also something in the 60-80W range would be nice too.

That being said, does anyone know of a laser that has all these features? Doesnt seem feasable to try and fix or upgrade what I have. Direct print from photoshop would be nice but Im not holding my breath on that one. Hahaha.

I also expect it would be a $2500 unit or more, but thats fine.
Thanks everyone!


Lots of large bed (up to 3’x4’) 80W ones on ebay. They’re basically an upscaled K40. I’d still upgrade one with a Smoothie but they tend to come with RDWorks instead of LaserDrw/CorelLaser which is reasonably useful software. This guy has a lot of good stuff including the purchase, updating and use of his large format chinese laser as well as the software: