Micro stepping?

Is there some way to set the microstepping rate ?

I can only find a mention that the driver chips have it and nothing else. The data sheet for the chip just shows its all spi controlled.

I think my extruder is somehow set to full step mode as extruding slowly I can feel the motor stepping, its not smooth like it should be with micro stepping .

So I am getting microstepping. I can hear the motor pitch change. But it moves slow then jerks. It actually does this with all motors. I am sure the wiring is correct (but maybe not ?) Swapping the 2 middle wires and the motor does not work at all.

I did a video.

It seems this post sounds similar Steppers Not running smooth - #4 by Singuras_Ds_SW

Changing the current :

0.02 - Very rough movement
0.1 - Very rough movement
0.2 - Very rough movement
0.4 - As per video
0.5 - As per video
0.6 - As per video
0.7 - As per video
0.8 - As per video
0.9 - As per video
1.0 - Think motor OC tripping

I have no idea how to solve this. Seems like some “bug” in the driver chips themselves ? If nobody has any ideas, I will just have to give up on smoothie. I keep running into problems which I never had on my original board.

What drivers are these?

You can make sure you have the coils right by measuring the resistance across wires, the smoothie website has lots of info on this, and google has montains more. This shouldn’t be something you aren’t sure about.

Are you sure all 4 wires go all the way from the driver fets to the motor coils? Like make 600% certain, this is often the case, even when people said they are 500% sure it’s not already.

Also if it’s SPI controlled, how are you controlling it exactly? How did you wire Smoothie to control it, how are you sure that’s working? This somewhat looks like a driver on full-step config instead of microstepping.

Also, about giving up on smoothie, this is not a smoothie thing, we’re nice and help people with non-smoothie-related things, but this is really clearly not a smoothie-related problem…

A5984 AFAIK. I can double check when I get the board out.

I have tried every combination of wires. There is only one combination which electrically looks correct and works at all. I have measured the coils on resistance, so I know exactly which are the two coils. But even if I swap one of them around polarity wise, the motor does not function at all. Seems little odd by itself but that is what happens.

If you look at the video carefully it is running smoothly and then it jumps… Run smoothly then jumps. It does not matter what brand of motor or what I use set the current at or anything.

I don’t know anything about how to control the things like SPI, that is what I was asking in this thread… All I can say is I think the steps are set at 400… Its probably not heard in the video, but I can hear the cycle change as it moves on smooth steps. I just do not see how it can smooth step and jump at the same time. But it does this on various motors and on various ports on smoothie.

I don’t know how you can say this is not a smoothie problem, How do you know something is not faulty on this board ? I’m more than happy to be proven wrong, but I just do not see any way of controlling anything else, hence again asking in this thread.

I have a new board coming tomorrow (bigtree tech) where I will start swapping things about, if I am indeed doing something wrong, then this new board will also malfunction in a similar way. I don’t really see there is any other choices.

If it’s A5984, there is no SPI. You seem very confused about some of this, where did you hear this is SPI?

What board is this exactly? Care to give a picture of your wiring also please?

You mentioned SPI not me…I just assumed you knew what you was talking about. I have not looked what these drivers actually are.

I just did another video showing the motor running at various speeds, you can notice the difference …

The first minute is extruding 10mm. so you can see it runs a lot smoother at higher speeds.

As you wanted a picture of the board…

I really don’t like being accused of asking for help for some other board either.

That’s a counterfeit board. When I said that’s not a Smoothie problem, I obviously assumed you didn’t have a counterfeit smoothie. The genuine smoothie are fully tested and use non-counterfeit components, so we know for sure if something like this happens, it’s not them.

These boards are known for using counterfeit (“Heroic” not “Allegro”) drivers, which have all sorts of problems. And with the worldwide shortages, i’d expect counterfeiters to use even worse components than usual (we fought for months and put massive amounts of ressources into sourcing chips for the current smoothieboard v1s, I really doubt the cloners go to those lengths considering people just keep bying their crap even though the internet is full of warnings about them)

You talked about SPI first, look at your first message: « The data sheet for the chip just shows its all spi controlled. »

The heatsinks on top of the drivers are a terrible idea too, the datasheet for the drivers explicitely says not to do this, but the counterfeiters have not even read the most basic documents…

I really don’t like being accused of asking for help for some other board either.

You did though so…

(and it was pretty obvious from the symptoms, I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt/didn’t jump to that straight away as some people get upset when I go straight to “it has to be a clone” when I recognize the symptoms)

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