Metallic laminate not engraving properly on Emblaser2

Using an Emblaser2 with latest windows laserweb binary.
I’m trying to engrave into aluminium with a black vinyl/other burnable surface
it’s called “metallic laser laminate”

I have used the following settings with not great results [not cleanly etched, with a fine layer of black powder that you can wipe off]
1.5mm height
30mm/minute speed
100% power

In my great ignorance I just can’t get it to engrave cleanly.

Your help would be greatly appreciated

The Emblaser2 is running the 1.23 firmware (I can’t get the lightburn software to authenticate behind business proxy, so I’m using laserweb4) but can’t update it to the latest version [not that will matter I don’t think]

I’m replying to my own post because I couldn’t even figure out how to post properly. My sincere apologies.

So the issue is that I’m using a product called ‘metallic laser laminate’ 1.5mm thick aluminium based.

I tried to engrave with the following settings: 1.5 height, 30mm/minute at 100% power.
I have tried also sorts of greater heights, faster speeds but always at 100% power

the result is at best a fine black residue on top of the aluminium.
I’ve figured out ply, cardboard and plastic, just trying to get to grips with engraving metal.

Your erudite help will be very much appreciated. Dunderhead by name and nature :slight_smile:

(I moved this question to the #laser-engravers-cutters:solid-state-lasers category because it’s about how to use a diode laser on a particular material, not specific to using laserweb to control it.)

Just making sure we’re clear here: You aren’t expecting to actually remove metal with this, correct? Only ablating the surface that covers it? (It’s probably not actually vinyl since that would release hydrochloric acid)

Do you have air assist?

Are you using vector or raster engraving?

Have you tried faster at a lower power with more passes?

Thank you for your kind help.
Only ablating.
I don’t think it’s vinyl, some sort of very thin black coating.
I didn’t order the material, but when i’m doing a quick visual web search it looks very like anodised aluminium.
Not using air assist
It’s raster engraving even though I could not choose that option from the material database for Emblaser2 ‘Raster other metal’, so I chose ‘Fill other metal’.

I have not tried faster with lower power and more passes.
Will do when back onsite.
Thank you.

In general when debris accumulates during the cut I think of air assist.

If it’s actually anodized, then you are trying to burn out dye, not actually remove anything from on top of the surface.

Thank you for your feedback.
Here’s my plan of attack;
faster, lower power, with 3 passes and air assist.
I’ll report back asap.

Ok, I think I’ve found the fundamental issue: this is the material I’m trying to use, but it’s meant for CO2 lasers, when I’m using a diode laser.

I think that’s the basic issue.
So, are there any kind people who have had a go at this material even though it’s meant to be for CO2 lasers?
Here’s the settings I’m using [still unsuccessfully] although a very slight wipe fingerpressure,will reveal the shape 75% accurately;
pass depth: .1mm
passes: 5
start height: 5mm
cut rate: 800mm/min

I’m getting close

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Ahem, I found a mysterious layer on this material. Once spied, it peeled off reluctantly. Very thin, blue plastic protective cover. Very sticky but peelable.
The laser results starting improving tremendously. And I feel suitably dumb :man_facepalming: