meet   . Adapter to let you use my Printrbot nozzles on  Makerbot MK8

#printrbot meet #makerbot . Adapter to let you use my Printrbot nozzles on Makerbot MK8 extruders. First prototype! I don’t have a Makerbot so let me know of any gotchas that I’m not aware of. Check out the complete item information at the link below. Let me know what you think about this!

Wow, would you mind if we tested it on our Rep2 to see how it works? How do we buy/get these nozzles from you? =D

I have the nozzles and the first prototype adapter for sale in the store. Sorry, I don’t have the quantity of the adapters stocked yet to do samples, but hopefully soon. I need to get the inventory online to cover the $150 put into the project first. But they are more labor intensive than I would like so it’s slow. I’ll have a second (and maybe third) option available in a couple of days for Makerbot as well that will be more like a permanent nozzle conversion kit than an adapter. So stay tuned.

A new more polished looking adapter for Makerbot is available in the store now at . The first five beta testers can use the cart coupon code “makerbotbeta” to get a 0.20 mm nozzle and a free adapter.