MeerK40t 0.6.5 Released (Stock M2 Nano Software)

Added a couple fixes for some minor issues and a grid command.

  • Critical Bug - Corrects stealth dx != dy crash for some DXF files.
  • Corrects dxf MTEXT load.
  • German Translation.
  • Rotary Tool Tip Correction.
  • Adds Grid Command: grid 5 6 1.1in 1in will make 30 copies 1.1 inch apart.
  • Corrects Widget math.tau compatibility issue. (earlier than 3.5 python threw an issue)
  • Adds Newsy RasterScript.
  • Changes Stop Sign icon. (Internationalization issue, saying Stop in English).
  • Corrected RasterWizard when a white gap exists at the top of an image.
  • Corrected RasterWizard invented pixels for Gravy Script.
  • Corrected Command line issues.
  • Added -S to command line.