MeerK40t 0.6.0 released!

Took a couple months. Like 250 commits. But, it’s a really nice bit of software.

  • svgelements update fixes use of defs, use, and style tags and css classed objects. This should correct some loading errors and the use if Illustrator CSS classed svg data.
  • Ruida Emulator should do some cursory work and function like a ruida device.
  • Kernel/Device was changed significantly. This change makes devices more independent of the kernel and generally more customizable for each backend.
  • Device Manager was made to launch a different main window for each device. And to launch the device manager if nothing was set to launch at the start.
  • RD Works, RD Files can now be natively opened.
  • Optimize cuts, inner first.
  • Addition of the console and a large amount of commands. This allows for expert manipulation and testing and diagnostics from texted based commands.
  • Addition of a CLI batch command to execute a file of console commands before starting.
  • Link made between the Keymap and the console. So keymap commands, run console commands and can be made to run anything console has control over, which is most things.
  • Alias/Bind functionality was added. Where keymapped keys and command key sequences can be added to and bound. This includes keydown with automatic keyup alias binds with the use of + and - prefixes. As well as methods to loop, and end particular commands to trigger while a key is being pressed.
  • A number of additional keybinds were added including most vector manipulations through numpad keys.
  • Default Operations Values Now Save. These will be used for reclassification and persist between sessions.
  • Added in a proper widget system. So the drawn objects are self-contained and they each deal with their own mouse commands and can do so in different and unique ways.
  • Added direct manipulations of objects on screen with the mouse.