Measures and tolerances I'm slowly peeling out all of the IGUS bushings out of

Measures and tolerances

I’m slowly peeling out all of the IGUS bushings out of the printer, I just wasn’t happy with some aspects of the printer and decided to give all of the moving parts the heave-ho.

Ordered new 10mm Hardened shaft…it measures 9.98mm

Trying to reuse the 10mm bearings at the corners…they measure 9.93mm

You have any idea how hard it is to pound an interference fit bearing the 10mm it needs to go while the shaft is in a printed support piece?

I may have to freeze and heat parts, hoping to keep the hot parts cold enough to not melt plastic.

Any suggestions?

Fine sandpaper on the ends of the shafts?

Also the ID is probably closer to 10mm than that. Measuring ID holes is better suited for a bore gauge than calipers. Calipers jaw offset causes holes to appear more undersized than they are.

Well it sure doesn’t fit on like 10mm hole and a 10mm shaft. :slight_smile:

I think someone else, maybe @Bruce_Lunde ​ had that issue too. But then he ordered the fasteddy bearings and all was good.

@Mike_Miller @Eclsnowman is correct, I went with alternative vendors for the rods and bearings to save a few dollars but they did not fit; then replaced with the suggestions from the BOM and everything worked perfectly.