Maybe you guys can use this tech to meet your power needs,

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Maybe you guys can use this tech to meet your power needs, or to bring to life some of your printed gadgets.

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Tesla announced it will open source ALL OF ITS PATENTS for the sake of saving the planet from pollution. :slight_smile:

Initially, they shared the Supercharger patents (superchargers provide free solar electricity for all Tesla owners for life), but now they share all patents. Here is the blog entry from Tesla founder Elon Musk:

Hoping Tesla becomes the next Toyota soon. :slight_smile:

Here are some reasons for buying your next car electric:

  1. help humanity since you no longer generate carcinogenic exhaust, otherwise known as smog, which kills millions of people each year ► and leads to lower IQ ► and autism ►

  2. save lives since you reduce heart attacks caused by traffic noise Electric cars are much quieter.

  3. save humanity from oil wars that destroy the environment and kill countless civilians. Iraq war trillions could have powered all US with solar/wind ►

  4. you no longer have to change oil or spark plugs; no more smog check either; electric cars have 60% less parts, so you will go for repairs much less. Combustion engines are noisy and only 15% efficient; electric motors are 90% efficient.

  5. bring the end of gas stations that poison the water wells with MTBE or other compounds leading to billions of dollars wasted in cleaning up the well water (example: $0.4 billion settlement ►

  6. save money as you spend 4 times less money on fuel, since electricity is 4 times cheaper than gasoline as a fuel. If you have enough solar panels, you get free CLEAN fuel for life, since you charge at home and utilities pay you for energy you put on the grid. Likewise, Tesla Motors offers free solar ☼ charging for life :slight_smile:

  7. save money for noble purposes because electric cars are cheaper than many oil cars after the federal and state rebates: in Colorado, you can buy a Nissan Leaf for only 15, 000, while in most other states for 18-21, 000. A Smart EV costs only $12, 000 in Colorado, see Mitsubishi i-MieV is only $13, 000 in California and $10, 000 in Colorado ►

  8. electric car batteries and solar panels are far greener than alternatives. Battery recycling for today’s oil car lead batteries is happening at a 97% rate globally. It will be even better for the far safer lithium car batteries. Lithium Ion batteries are classified by the federal government as non-hazardous waste. Lithium ion batteries are made from nontoxic lithium carbonate (used in ovenware), nontoxic cobalt oxide (in pottery glaze), nontoxic graphite (in pencils), and a polymer (plastic) membrane. The most toxic components are the electrolyte and lithium cobalt oxide, neither of which are persistent in the environment and both of which are increasingly being replaced by safer compounds. Wang Chuan-Fu, CEO of BYD, demonstrated the safety of the electrolyte in their lithium ion batteries by drinking it. Zero Motorcycles founder Neal Saiki said that the Lithium Ion batteries they use are safe to eat.

Solar is way better than coal, oil or natural gas which spew 100-1000 times more carcinogens in the environment per unit of energy produced, besides far more CO2. How long does a solar panel system have to operate to recover the energy used for making the panel? Energy payback for rooftop panels is 1-4 years depending on type. Assuming a life of 30 years for a panel, that means that most energy produced will be free from pollution of any sort ►