Maybe someone will be useful.

Maybe someone will be useful. Laser Rotary Attachment for K40:

I want extend my k40 with rotatary attachment,
Are you using aditional axis or replace Y when use?

I raplace Y

What steeper and are you charging the steps every time you use it?

I’m using Nema17 stepper motor 17HD34008-22B (2-phase 4-wire I=1.5A).
What do you mean “charging the steps” ?

So you just change out the plug for the Y axis to your rotary, no changing any settings in software?

In software I just select “Rotary”

Linardas Verkulevicius under the Rotary fixture setting for a “standard fixture” what does Plus /round mean or do? Under “simple fixture” what does speed ratio do? Thank you for your time.

Hi, exactly, I don’t know what Plus /round means. But I guess it means steps per revolution, it is how many steps motor makes to do one full revolution (360 degrees).
I don’t know anything about speed ratio.
When I am engraving my glasses I set plus/round value at 1600 and I play only with diameter value. 30 mm diameter forks well for engraving my glasses.
I know it sounds confusing, but when I engrave glass with diameter of 50 mm I set 30 mm diameter in my software and the proportion of engraved image looks well. The result of engraving is showed in my video.
Sorry for my late reply :wink: