May be a dumb question but was chilipeppr not working 5/23/16  evening? 

May be a dumb question but was chilipeppr not working 5/23/16 evening?

ChiliPeppr does not go down if Github is down. ChiliPeppr caches ALL files at Google App Engine. Even if a ?forcerefresh=true occurs by a dev at that time CP is smart enough to not overwrite the cache unless it gets a 200OK response. I also have GCM (Google Cloud Monitoring) on CP and no alerts were triggered. I used it last night as well around 8PM PT without issue.

I was trying to use it around 8pm central time last night and received several errors. Some about ajax(?) if I recall correctly. One error said something about not being connected to a server. I hadn’t made any changes so I was assuming it was a CP issue.

If you add a manifest.json then chilpepper can be installed locally as a desktop app and cached for when the web servers are down.

I get an error saying" tired to send message but we are not connected to serial port ajax server". Can anyone tell me what that means.

It means you’re not connected to the serial port json server. CP needs to connect to SPJS so that it can get to your serial ports. Are you running SPJS? Locally or remotely, i.e. on a Raspberry Pi like many folks?

I’m not on a raspberry pi. I have it loaded on my laptop and run it from there. Everything worked fine this weekend and now nothing is working as of last night. Kinda puzzles me

Is your serial port json server running? That is what he is asking.

Yes it is running

I reloaded everything and I’m back up and running! Probably safe to say it was some sort of user error… I’m still learning…