Mastodon Button

I saw on Mastodon that someone made some Mastodon buttons with their button making machine.

Me: Awe, I want a Mastodon button
Me: Looks over at the Laser machine :bulb: :grinning:

(Maker Forums has it’s own Mastodon instance just for us if you want to join in on the fun over there. I’ve met lots of great new makers :grinning: )

Made from laser vector engraved and cut 1/8" ply (masked), colored with alcohol makers and finished with a clear gloss spray. (svg file below )

Mastodon Button

Mastodon Button 2

I make a lot of different buttons and I don’t think I’ve really talked about button backs.

They come in a bunch of different types. The picture below shows some I have on hand. They range from magnetic ones, swing arm pins and butterfly clutch pinbacks. Some have self adhesive backs and other you have to glue on.

The swing arm pins and butterfly clutch pinbacks you can typically find in local craft stores that sell jewelry making supplies. If you have to glue them on, I like using E6000 glue for the swing arm pins and CA for the studs on the the butterfly clutch pinbacks. The butterfly clutch pinbacks studs also come in different pad sizes for more glue surface area.

The magnetic ones you usually have to find online. I have a round magnetic back and a 2 magnet bar back shown in the picture. If you need more holding power for the magnetic ones, you can glue extra magnets to the metal side of magnetic pin back. I typically use JB weld metal epoxy for gluing on the extra magnets.


I ended up starting a Mastodon Button / Jewelry maker challenge over on Mastodon if anyone wants to join in . Getting some good responses. :grinning: #MastodonButton

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Our dog Ellie was getting jelly and wanted to get in on the Mastodon button craze since she is a #dogsofmastodon

Slightly different design with Velcro backing to attach to her harness.

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