MaslowCNC does not like vertical cuts

(Kurt Meister) #1

I’m wondering how it cuts those vertical lines if I rotate the shape by 15 degree. Or if I could teach the CAM to generate “climbing” paths.

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(Joseph Alexander) #2

It almost needs a couple of spring cables making it an x so that it has that negative pressure and wont bounce around as much, you know? bungee anchor/tethers.

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(Michael K Johnson) #3

@Domm434 If the bricks don’t accomplish this, not sure that springs would help any. I mean, the bricks are the tether to the gravity spring… (Expecting something like this was ultimately a reason I decided against building a Maslow.)

@Kurt_Meister do you see this on stock other than OSB? I’ve been cutting OSB lately with a jigsaw and the cuts I’m making would be rather more accurate in a higher quality stock. :slight_smile:

(Kurt Meister) #4

By now I just milled OSB (it’s so cheap). But I will report it as soon as I switch to other material.

(Kurt Meister) #5

This time I forced the machine to do a climbing cut. The result seems to be ok. :slight_smile:

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(Stephane BUISSON) #6

Seem to me you are far from the center, I would say near the far left edge where it is the most sensible. good to know that upcut is better than opposite, and it make sense when you think about it. more you are going up more the chain angle increase on top of the pressure the bit have on the wood (motor force vs gravity) .

do you have the standard frame or the enlarge top beam ?

(Kurt Meister) #7

Yes, that’s right :slight_smile:

The motor to motor distance is 2946.55mm. So it must be a standard frame.

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