Masking Transfer Tape

(Ned Hill) #1

To mask things, before cutting/engraving, I like to use vinyl lettering transfer tape. In particular I recommend RTape Conform 4075RLA Transfer Tape. It is categorized as high tack but it seems to be more of a medium tack, which means it holds fairly well but isn’t very difficult to remove. I buy 8.5" wide rolls from SignWarehouse. At 100 yds it lasts a good while.

(Ron Reuter) #2

How does one use transfer tape and why?

(Ned Hill) #3

When you engrave/cut wood you can get residue build up / scorch marks on the wood. To eliminate having to do any post sanding clean up, which isn’t necessarily easy or quick, you can mask your workpiece first. You can use painters tape, but usually you can’t get that really wider than like 2 inches. So if your work area is bigger than this then you have to butt piece together, which can be tricky. The transfer tape is available in wider formats so it’s easier to mask something in one go. You also will want to mask if you are planning to infill the engraved area with with something like paint.

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(Ned Hill) #4

When using transfer tape it’s also advisable to get a (4-6") ink brayer roller like the one below. Makes getting a smooth lay down of the tape much easier and also allows to make sure it’s sealed down tight.

(Ron Reuter) #5

Thanks for the answer, I have that type of tape now as I do vinyl letting and decals. Just started to get into laser cutting/engraving.

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