Marlin 2560/RAMPS Delta/Kossel upgrade to Smoothie

Just bought a new board to upgrade my Marlin 2560/RAMPS setup. Is there a guide as to what setting need to be transferred to the Smoothie firmware and any unit conversion? I downloaded the sample Delta config but I know that some parameters are unique per machine.

I’d think this would be a FAQ somewhere but couldn’t find it via Google.

Thanks for any help!


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What you probably want to read is :


I did read that and it’s an amazingly well done procedure and great resource. However it doesn’t cover the parameters in the software and how those correlate to the parameters in the Marlin firmware. Eg. delta arm parameters, speed & velocities, scaling, PID, ect. Some are obvious but some are a little unclear as the terminology is different.

It would involve a noob like me scratching my head and worrying about 321 lines of configuration whereas somebody that’s done it before might say that there’s only x number of parameters that need updating.


Nothing in the Smoothie documentation will give you a direct Smoothie/Marlin mapping, but that’s never been a problem for anybody, as everything is explained.

The documentation should have everything you need.

For the delta arm paramters see <>>> and for PID see <<<FLOATING LINK:>

You do not need to worry about 321 lines, just read the documentation, and adjust what it says to adjust.

I’ve had so much bad luck on this project that I’ve learned to worry about everything! lol I’ll give it a go tonight :slight_smile: Thanks!

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