Marlin 2.0 released

Only posting because I haven’t seen it already posted here (sorry if I’m repeating someone). But this looks like a pretty big deal! It includes 32-bit support. That being said, I wonder if it will still fit on a RAMPS board, or if that is now deprecated with v2.0x?


I’m an idiot. RTFM, right at the top:

Improved support for AVR boards

  • Melzi / ATmega 1280
  • RAMPS / ATmega 2560
  • RAMBo / miniRAMBo / Einsy RAMBo

I know that I read some time ago that 16 bit controllers were going to be supported only on Marlin 1, and that Marlin 2 was going to be only for 32-bit; I don’t know whether that was merely wrong in the first place or whether they changed their minds at some point during Marlin 2 development, but I was pleased to learn that the old boards aren’t left behind. :slight_smile:

See my comment above (I’m an idiot).

Not an idiot! I was just saying that I think you probably had good reason for the question. :slight_smile: