Many thanks to Robert Atkins   whose LED Shoulder pads I saw at Burning

Many thanks to @Robert_Atkins whose LED Shoulder pads I saw at Burning Seed earlier this year, inspired me to improve my original design. This is V2 (V1 was made for a friend of mine who is yet to show them off!) These run on a Nano using FastLED to drive 152 x WS2812b LEDs. Im using a small USB power brick in my back pocket to run these.

Are these matrices 11 × 7?

@Garrett_Durland No these are strips cut and hand made into those 2 blocks. If you are asking about the software side, its 1 bitmap of 24px wide x 7 pix wide

Pretty effing cool.

@Henry_Birdseye_Jr Thanks mate!

Heh, nice. Lots more resolution than mine :slight_smile:

@Robert_Atkins Come back to melbourne!!

Dear Leon, this is a really great piece of work. Would you mind sharing the code? I understand you use a bitmap?

@Michael_Schneider Im going to sound like a jerk, but I can not

@Michael_Schneider yes I use a bitmap to represent the leds as 1 solid frame of video. Everything is done inside this virtual bitmap and then rendered to the LEDs after each effect

if someone would like to know how to drive an LED strip with a bitmap, here is a way:

now this little matrix got me thinking. I would also like to know whoch is the logic.

what is perfectly possible, is not to think of this as a matrix, but to think of it as an LED strip. then what you need to do is to work on the bmp having in mind the spacial distribution of your LED strip