Many of you asked that question in the past.

Many of you asked that question in the past. GRBL Autolevel widget is working again in Chilipeppr, enjoy :slight_smile:

Awesome! Nice work.

@jlauer ​ I am unable to correct original grbl workspace, but maybe you could temporarily add this to available workspaces with a little ‘GRBL Autolevel OK’ remark, so people can access easily. Just an idea…

Can’t wait to give it a try!

Cool. I have control of /grbl. We can merge back in. Where did you fork from and what is the link to your repo?

@raykholo ​ I created new workspace forked in jsfiddle from /imania. You can see details in the bootloader. I can send you later, when online on the PC.

I tested it with hand-touching wires, as my machine is not yet connected to grbl controller. All works fine, as you can see on the movie. No audio this time, there were kids playing around and noise level was higher than usual :wink:

@sszafran your new code is up on /grbl.

@raykholo ​ Thank you very much, you did great. This is awesome to have Autolevel widget working back on the workspace.

I can confirm this update has fixed the “stops at first probe” problem.
When I try to hit “View auto-levelled gcode” nothing happens, and I get these messages in console :

@Emile_Daneault ​ Did you face this problem using /grbl or /grbl-new workspace?

That was on /grbl.
I have just tried on /grbl-new and the same thing happens.

EDIT: Could be useful to know that while I can’t visualize the modified gcode, I can still sucessfully “send gcode to workspace” and use the auto-leveler output.