Many features in a small box - too many? Printer manufacturers listen up,

(Thomas Sanladerer) #1

Many features in a small box - too many?
Printer manufacturers listen up, these are the things that would improve any printer!

(Jan Wildeboer) #2

Interesting. But how do you load 2 spools at the same time?

(Thomas Sanladerer) #3

@Jan_Wildeboer the dual-filament version adds a second bowden extruder, a different hotend (two paths, one nozzle each) as well as a spool holder extension, which stacks two spools in the same place the single spool would sit.

(Jan Wildeboer) #4

Ah, OK. So it’s technically more a different printer model and not a simple add-on?

(Thomas Sanladerer) #5

You can get an upgrade kit to convert from the single-filament version, but it does replace e.g. the entire head assembly.

(Ben Hudson) #6

The Robox is an excellent machine. I have been running three of them for almost a year and I have very few issues. It is one of the only machines I am comfortable leaving for an overnight print as the print failure rate is very low and the safety systems designed into the printer virtually eliminate fire hazards due to failed components. The dual material upgrade can be applied to any machine and once installed you can go back to single material just by changing the head. It is one of the only Bowden style printers that will easily print with flexible filaments due to the drive mechanism. The PEI print surface works with almost every material you can print with no hairspray, blue tape, or ABS juice. Just clean it with alcohol.

(Ben Hudson) #7

One note: the ambient LED light bar is capable of being changed to one of 12 colors, not just blue or white. It also flashes green when the printer is paused and red if there is an error. The filament eject button doubles as a pause button and the printer does not have to be connected to a computer to print, though a computer is required to load the print jobs.