man... finally found one of these available on amazon and found the vendor...

man… finally found one of these available on amazon and found the vendor… they have an SDK available, and there is even plenty of folks who have gotten it working on linux! perfect! So, I could imagine folks being able to buy one of these, plug it in, then jog their machines through ChiliPeppr the same way they do with Mach3 or anything else using this exact same controller.

Their forum for these answers lots of questions, and they even have a post explaining how to get it working on linux, and how to get it to emulate keypresses, which might be the easiest way to get it working with ChiliPepper I suppose.

Ok, who do I need to pay to work on this? I’ll be glad to put a bounty on it. :slight_smile:

Where’s the link to the SDK or API docs? I’m curious what the API looks like to see how easy. I’m not sure the keypresses are a great idea because if you’re using an old Windows box as your Serial Port JSON Server, and thus is the machine I think you’d put the ShuttleXpress on, that would seem to mess with the overall UI. I bet there’s just a standard text interface back and forth just like what the TinyG has, which means just plug this in and it shows up as a serial port, and it shows in ChiliPeppr without any modifications. I would buy one and try it. Then it could just be a quick 5 line macro in ChiliPeppr to get it going.

they didn’t have a link… the FAQ in the forum says to email them and they will send a little application. I was thinking that the keystrokes would talk to the web app like normal keystrokes that you bind to. But, it would probably be even better to have it on the machine with the SPJS as you suggested.

and i would be more than happy to buy you one… just send me your shipping address! or a paypal address to reimburse you.

Frank, does this possibly work out of the box on the machine running ChiliPeppr? It seems to mimic keypresses, so you could just click the Jog button in ChiliPeppr and then that scroll wheel on that device seems to just mimic pressing arrow keys. I suppose it’ll be off a bit though because ChiliPeppr expects the keys to be pressed, not toggled fast.

perhaps. this is basically the EXACT same jog dial that is used with expensive CNC machines like the Tormach (as seen here:

so, those buttons can be used to switch axis, the step button could walk through powers of 10, and then the outer wheel for a continuous jog (depending on how far it is depressed) and the inner for individual steps. I think that’s the idea anyhow.

so, as long as you can map keystrokes to those different events on the gui, it seems like that would work. I’m not sure how you would do the proportional control thing though… hmmmm.

Wow. That is the EXACT same jog control Tormach uses. This is going to be cool.

absolutely… i’ve had my eye out for one for some time… i even contacted the tormach folks and they alluded to the fact that these are generic controllers from an overseas manufacturer… i was just happy to find them available from a different vendor that actually sells them with a user community designed around them and the hope for an SDK/API.