Making templates for cardboard boxes

Lasercutting cardboard seems to be quick and inexpensive. I can’t find a decent way to make a template for a box. is nice but too limited in features and design options. I can’t make a simple folding cardboard box, or determine the thickness of cardboard. With 6mm double cardboard, it just doesn’t work out.
All other sites I’ve tried require you to sign up, and allow for only a few designs to be made. Bah. I’ve looked at curbly,,,…

So, what are my options? I can’t believe I would have to design templates myself, and go through a bunch of trial & error to get something basic working.


Besides EPM I used ✂Templatemaker ︎

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That’s only for wood. cardboard boxes require flaps to assemble!

Yes, templatemaker I listed in my post. Do you pay for EPM?


Oh sorry, I missed that. :crazy_face:

And yes, I pay for them. Its worth :slight_smile:

Just an FYI, your link for easypackmaker is broken because it is spelled wrong.

ah okay, it has a setting for thickness. I’ll try that, it’s at least one design I can make the right way.
I’ve fixed the link to easypackmaker

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