Making a freezer

Hi All
This is my first topic.

I am trying to repair a broken freezer/refrigerator. The compressor is kaputt

I recon that the compressor is probably the best way to cool a system, but replacing it will be expensive. So I want to build a freezer from ground up using the existing casing.

Now, I want the freezer to be :

  1. Not require 220V direct supply, but rather through a 30 V adopter.
  2. Each level/ box/fach individually temperature and humidity controllable
  3. High performance in terms of energy
  4. Quick cooling / slow cooling… as it choosen by me
  5. intranet compatible in my own home.

My understanding is that peltier is a bad choice, its not efficient. Compressor seems to be too much work involving all the additional fluid plumbings. I’d like it to require less plumbings.

What are my options?
Thank you.